Help Social Organisation celebrated the International Women’s Day at the Indian Institute of Education at Ghanahati in Shimla on Friday.

A special training camp was also organised to impart safety skills, which is the core mission of the HSO.

Around 200 women participated in the training in the presence of HSO youth icon Preeti Sharma.

HSO members Shobhna Sood, Babita Thakur and Kushla Thakur informed students about key defence skills and gender equality.

Many participants expressed their desire to join the HSO and contribute to its cause of women safety. They praised the efforts of the HSO towards women safety which was the need of the hour in present times.

The HSO has been running the campaign for women safety under its Neevrti mission to fight eve teasing and crime against women.

HSO celebrates Women's Day at Ghaati education college

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