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Our Vision

Developing the essence of humanity, addressing social issues in the field of Women/girls safety, Drug abuse, Community Development in the broadest sense.

Aims and objective

The Help Social Organisation (HSO India) has been working in a number of fields for the welfare of society. In view of growing crimes against women in recent times, the NGO is laying emphasis on Women Safety programs and fighting Drug Abuse. Under Women Safety programs, the NGO has taken a number of initiatives like Let's Respect Women – NEEVRITI to promote women safety.

History of NGO

Mr Hemender Salariya laid down the foundation of Help Social Organization (HSO) in the year 2004. It is worthwhile to briefly recall the background in which this organization was founded.

During his many interactions with the people especially the ones living in the rural areas of Shimla district of H.P. State, the founder observed that these people are living in miserable conditions and are not aware of the various schemes funded by the government for their upliftment.

Further, the youth in these areas lacked awareness. They are either living in poor conditions or are addicted to socials evils like drinking, smoking, drug addiction etc.

He, therefore, felt that there is a need to inform the public in general and the educated class about the conditions in which a very large part of the population is living and to sensitize them to their many perpetual problems. He inspired a team of individuals to come together for Building the Essence of Humanity through concerted efforts.

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